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Some days ago, my good friend Darko made a reference to my post on Gabo suggesting that it would be good to see the great Colombian writer having a more active role in politics, especially in his country where the difficult political situation is a cause of great concern for everybody in the region.

In general I agree, but I still think, at the same time, that Gabo is one of those that have contributed to save one of the most important parts of our being, namely: our imagination, giving us all moments of delightful peace in the middle of this chaotic and not a small number of times unbearable world and, I think that that is not a little thing. Though I have to say that my brother´s comment really made me think…

Everybody knows that Socrates, founder of Western Philosophy, is a paradigmatic example of coherence: life and work were always a single expression of his intentions; even in the face of his own death he was exceptional like anyone.

During history of times we have had different examples of men who have made their great talent´s expression coincide with their political ideals and fight against injustice. I think that Marx is a tremendous example, because he not just thought that theory and practice must invariably be together but that praxis must lead to a radical change of the foundations of reality. As it is known, Mohandas K. Gandhi is probably the best case: for he was outstanding even in his private life. Nowadays, we have a more modest example (not everyone can be Gandhi after all, as we say here in Mexico) yet a good one: American linguist Noam Chomsky who, beyond his great contributions to the fields of Linguistics and Philosophy, has become an icon in the fight against American elite´s systematic violence.

So, it is true that it is possible and above all necessary to be coherent, especially those who are morally obliged (precisely because of their greatness) to lead “the fight” in favor of “the condemned of the earth”.

As for the rest of us, those examples could inspire us to be better, even just with our neighbors, like any of those distracted post-modern philosophers would say.


If a song were to describe my interior that would definitely be Depeche Mode´s “But not tonight”… For different reasons but basically because the moon also reminds me of so many nights when my eyes have been so red that I too have been mistaken for dead. (but not tonight!!…)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday, during his speech, in the 4th Congress of the Spanish language opening session, Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez gave an interesting account of the great vicissitudes he faced while he was in the process of writing his master piece “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. I say “interesting” basically because it does reveal, beyond his eminent mastery of language, an extraordinary example of keeping persistency while pursuing his beliefs. Something that I would call, rephrasing a famous quote: the audacity of belief. Everybody knows that after being awarded the Nobel Prize in 1982, Gabo has kept writing more than ever.

I have got the opportunity to meet him personally many times over the years. I have to say that they have always been difficult “encounters” where it seems to be that I have always ended up saying something awkward. I wonder why? (Hehehehe!).

The First time that I met him, I was working as a bookseller at a renowned bookshop at the age of 17. That was like 5 or 6 years ago (Hehehehehehe, well, probably more). I recognized him immediately as he entered through the door: Maestro! Good morning, would you be kind enough to sign my book….. yes, of course, what is your name young boy?….. You know what? I haven´t read any of your books yet but I surely will….. Say what? Where have you been? Death??..... Arrrrrgh!

The second time, I was working as an editor of a magazine at the Mexican National University while taking my major in Philosophy there. I saw him right after a great conference he gave: Sir! Good afternoon, would you be willing to sign my book….. yes, of course, what is your name young man?..... You know what? I am that “death” young boy to whom you signed a book once who had not read any of your books. Well, I have already done it, and I think they are great!..... Say what? Don´t remember, probably you were not death but plain crazy!!….. Arrrrrgh!

The third time, I was working as a director at a private University Language Centre. I saw Gabo at a major event held at the Royal Academy of Arts here in Mexico: Gabo! Good night, can you sign my book….. yes, of course, what is your name man?..... You know what? Do it to Fanny, please….. Fanny??? That is an interesting name for a man….. That is not my name! That is my girlfriend´s name….. And where is your girlfriend?..... At home!!!..... Hahahahaha! Mexican after all!!….. Arrrrrgh!

I don´t want to continue talking about it (Hehehehehe!). So, it would be good enough to conclude this post by saying that I subscribe any homage to his work today, 40 years later since the first appearance of what many consider the greatest novel in Spanish since “Don Quixote”.



Today is a great day!! That is so because by a great coincidence, it is both Teorias-Blog and this Blog 6th anniversary. I mention this basically because I think that after 6 months of writing here that has been to me the best thing of all: YOU guys!!!

So, In the strict sense of the term, this celebration is all about you and my gratitude towards everything you my friends have shared with me all this time both on this blog and above all, on your own blogs: THANK YOU!!!

Before such a great eloquence of mine this morning (Hehehehe...) I would just say that you guys: Have an excellent day!!!


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Basically for having made me remember I can still be me...

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Yesterday night, after work, I felt a great necessity to be alone with myself. So I decided to go to a bar or something. It is curios to think that I have always felt especially lonely when I am surrounded by strangers. It is just as if they made me corroborate beyond any doubt the fact that, in the end, we all are by ourselves.

I drove downtown where it is known most of the clubs are located in the city. I stopped at a place whose entrance was full of people standing in line. There was no marquee sign outside the place but a fluorescent lamp. As I got off my car and started getting closer I could observe that the crowd was mainly composed by men. For no particular reason, when the door man saw me, greeted me courteously and had me in without queuing.

As I got into the place the lights went off and a familiar rhythm started to sound: Paul Oakenfold, souther sun (I-still-feel-you-beneath-my-skin-I-am-tempted-to-throw-my-senses-in…) then a reflex was directed towards the middle of what it seemed to be the dance floor. It did not take much to realize that I was in one of those so called table dance clubs. Never had been to one before but in that moment I found the idea to be just great!

I asked to be seated at the back of the site, basically to have the opportunity to see the whole place in one glance. Less than 2 minutes later, a model type girl (one of those ones everybody is so fond of but me) approached me… perfectly smiling and saying… hi!! Without waiting for an answer, she sat down right next to me and started asking me questions like: what´s your name? How often do you come here? Are you married?... No, I am not, if I were, I would not be here… Say what? Most of men who come here are married or have girlfriends… Well, that´s a mistake, it would just make no sense!!: If I were married, I would want to be with my wife all time possible!!!... Ooh!

The precious woman stared at me and kept staring at me like for 10 seconds (well… 5!) and then, for no particular reason, she laid her head kind of lovingly on my chest. Immediately afterward she started sharing, as a natural impulse, some things about her job, her life, her recollections, her fears, her dreams, and her future intentions… “I have plans, you know? I ain´t gonna be here for ever, you know?...” and 45 minutes later, surprisingly, she fell asleep, profoundly.

I was completely amazed: women all are so precious, for all kind of reasons; except those ones everybody is used to thinking they are for (including them) and that is precisely one of the things that makes them be even more precious!!! ...

Some minutes later -continuing in a complete true story, all of a sudden the sleeping precious woke up, as if she had just remembered something very important. She turned her head towards me and said, as an automatic reflection: wanna a lap dance?... no, I don´t think so. But thanks!... You don´t like me? Come on, Let´s do it! It is not expensive... Yes, I do. But everything you could possibly give me, has already been given and if you were to charge me for that, I could not afford it…

Some seconds later, she said to me kind of disappointed: You don´t know me!!

The precious woman took a piece of paper and a little pen from her purse and jotted down something: take, gimme a call sometime!... You know I won´t do it… Yes, I know! Take it anyways. Said she before leaving…

As I abandoned the place and while heading to my car, I kept on thinking of those words: You don´t know me!!… You don´t know me!!.

She was right... I don´t know them but I will keep on insisting…


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To Nancy

Just in case YOU were still mad at me because of yesterday´s thing!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007


After reading President´s Bush statement on the fourth anniversary of that bloody craziness called “Invasion of Iraq” today and after registering once more his recycling of the same words, namely that “there´s been good progress”, I see a stronger need to continue efforts on all levels not just to stop war right away but basically to seriously consider the prospect of an International Criminal Court investigation READ ON…. Will it prosper?



If I danced like this guy does, I would not go back home alone...

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Donald Trump does not really say anything new about Bush and his stupid mess in Iraq, something new that we all don´t already know but listen to him saying it... it is just GOOD!


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Jon Stewart´s comment last night on Iraq and Laura Bush´s most recent statement really made me think. Reality might be unbearable for us to see, but it will never be as unbearable as it is for those who live it.

Laura Bush (To CNN):

"Many parts of Iraq are stabled. But of course what we see on Television… one bomb in a day discourages everybody".

Jon Stewart:

"I know how discouraging it is!!!… For you to watch it. Do you know where else it is somewhat discouraging?... At the site of the bombing!!"