Saturday, June 23, 2007


During the last weeks I have closely followed the immigration debate that has taken place in the U. S., prompted by the discussion in the Senate on the so called immigration bill.

It has been interesting to observe the significant amount of attention and time that has been devoted to this issue by the media, making it one of the top news stories at large. It is a fact that such attention corresponds with the American public real interest who consider this topic a priority. What I deplore is the conservative discourse dominance of the debate which not only has boosted the creepy nationalism of some but it has also served as a veil for Washington´s pragmatic reasons: the capitalization of 42 (plus 12-20) million Hispanics economic weight ($900 billion in annual spending), of their labor capacity (cheap labor force) and political weight (the increase of the republican electoral base).

Any serious debate on immigration would consider its root source: the economical situation of those countries from where women and men are literally expelled, situation that Washington has largely contributed to create. But that discussion is not likely to be held, basically because, under certain control, immigration represents big business to those holding power on both sides of the river.



At 7:16 PM, Blogger Neres said...

Otro mundo sin tatos intereses político o más bien monetarios, de esos que respetan el medio ambiente, derechos humanos, libertad de expresión, y una manera digna de vivir en donde a uno le plazca.

un mundo de esos, ojalá y fuera posible.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous ZHP said...

You are one of my kind my friend!
A big kiss to YOU!



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