Monday, December 10, 2007


I like Psychology very much, especially because it suggests explanations of certain phenomena in the field of human behavior that would be simply irrational otherwise. In watching the Republican presidential debate hosted by the Spanish language television network Univision yesterday afternoon, I kept on thinking about it.

To watch members of the so called “Hispanic community” booing Castro or Chavez´s references during the debate was something kind of expected, as the event was held in Miami (the Cuban element) but, to see them enthusiastically applauding the Republican notion of taking a harder line on illegal immigration or that of maintaining the troops in Iraq (or even escalating them), was something that definitely deserves an explanation more than a simple sensation of astonishment.

I am not a psychologist nor feel I capable of producing such explanation but somehow I feel it has to do with that psychological response sometimes seen in victims of violence who end up showing signs of loyalty to their victimizers or sometimes reproducing their mindset and in some extreme cases, even worshiping it.



At 5:34 PM, Blogger Neres said...

hey, como estás, yo medio de regreso, ya sabes, empieza la navidad y llegan los parientes y menos tiempo hay, y eso en vacaciones, espero que estés bien.

Gracias por el comentario del post que no entendiste jaja, pero bueno, que ese post era para alguien especial y el mensaje llegó.

beso beso, abrazo abrazo

At 6:51 PM, Blogger ZHP said...

Hey sis! Nice to have you back!! Yeah, you are right: Christmas is around the corner... I think I´d better start thinking of going on vacations or something: God knows how much I need it.. hehe

As for your comment: Good Lord! for a moment I thought it was for me!! haha.. Just kidding...



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