Thursday, June 07, 2007


The U. S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary has just passed a bill today in an attempt to restore habeas corpus, one of the basic constitutional civil rights taken away by the Military Commissions Act approved by the U. S. Congress last September and signed into law by President Bush 19 days later.

My first post to this blog was devoted to this issue here. Later on I compiled some pieces of information on the same topic here, here, here and here. I specially recall Keith Olbermann´s editorial comment on what he sarcastically defined back then as what it used to be “the right of anyone who is tossed in prison, to appear in court and say, Hey, why am I in prison?”, definitely worth watching again HERE.

While some have seen today´s Senate Committee action as the first step towards restoring the so called Great Writ, considered to be the foundation of all other rights in the U. S., others have remained doubtful thinking that once passed by the Senate (if so) this law will likely get vetoed by Dubya. We will see…


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