Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Dick´s other self back in 1994 saying that invading Baghdad would create a "quagmire"

Friday, August 10, 2007


The good: my baby was born today!... The better: it was a baby boy!... The not so good: he speaks no English. Go and check it HERE

Monday, August 06, 2007


A great project, good intentions… so far… an excellent beginning!

The Real News website

Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey my friends! Thought I had kicked the bucket?? Hehehehe…

Truth be told, my under-maintenance post was a way of softening the fact that my lap top had broken down; a way of keeping my faith in the possibility of posting again at some time in the near future.

However, it did not take too much time to realize I was in the face of a slightly more complex situation: it turned out to be that my computer didn´t serve me just as a type writer machine (word processor, in the most broadly sense) but also as an alarm clock, phone device, T. V. set, movie theater, newspaper, stereo, library, friend´s club… you name it. “What a great invention!” I thought to myself –not too much of a great life though. Basically because without my computer I started feeling a little bit awkward, and I became aware of how dependant I had become not just on it but basically, on technology, and that did not really seem to be “natural” to me.

So I decided to start living a techno-free life, whenever that was possible, until fully recovered. I have to confess that it was not easy at all but little by little, with strong effort and self-determination, I began recuperating some basic abilities: first, the ability to say “hi” and smile to my neighbors; then the capacity to take short walks through the hood, looking at its surroundings, focusing my attention on its details and so on… I even got a brand new bicycle!

Living unplugged for a while was definitely one of the best experiences in my whole life. I understand that it would be kind of difficult (at least for me) to keep up with this particular human lifestyle, to avoid letting the means become the ends. But I am sure that I won´t miss any chance to ride my brand new bicycle through the city and who knows? Maybe get lucky and meet a precious bicycle girl!