Saturday, March 17, 2007


Donald Trump does not really say anything new about Bush and his stupid mess in Iraq, something new that we all don´t already know but listen to him saying it... it is just GOOD!


At 6:29 AM, Blogger Callie said...

First- What's in it for Trumpster to go on CNN to speak his mind about the President and Iraq War?

Second- What was his purpose of *having* to announce that he allows those soldiers returning from war into his posh club?

Third- Hypocrisy spreads. Anybody that claims they have the secrets to being wealthy-gets backing through so called *high-religious figures* and yet charges hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for the so called Secret to Prosperity- Yeah- I would vote for him on the Presidential Ticket for 2008..*not* For a person talking about Condi not making deals- I wonder what his deal in this interview is....

Well, let us wait and see how this will unfold. Perhaps Bush will invite him over for champaign and caviar- they discuss it all, and secretly they both do a payola in which to put Donalds name on construction and real estate deals in reconstruction of Iraq- possibly Iran- and any other country Bush decided to invade before he leaves office.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Jake said...

Hola! Zero...
interesante esto del comentario acerca de Bush...No me termina de cerrar dónde estás? me refiero...cuál es tu lugar en el mundo.
gracias por los comentarios...te comparto que siempre me quedó en el corazón el deseo de estudiar filología...pero es una carrera que no está en argentina...más que en una que otra cátedra en facultades de letras.
pero bueno, si no existe se aprende de otra forma, metiendo narices por ahí.
El mapuche tiene también su encanto. Algunas frases y conceptos los aprendí cuando trabajé en el sur con escuelas en comunidades barriales en las que había muchos niños/as cuyas familias eran curru wincas...o sea oscuro-blanco
una forma de autodenominarse mestizos.

te comparto una:
Amutuy pu peñi pu ñaña!

algo asi como:
vamos compañeros!
un decir de ánimo ante la adversidad. Literalmente es: "vamos hermano, hermana".


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous ZHP said...

Callie: Hehehehe! Thank you very much for your comment. I agree with you in general terms. Yet I have to insist that it is always good to see that even some notorious tycoons are against George Bush´s foreign policy, specifically against the Iraq thing. That is very telling!

As for the champaign-caviar gathering I doubt it. Dubya has that already covered. What is it the name? Hall.. Halli... Halliburt something. Hehehehe...


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous ZHP said...

Jake: Soy mexicano y escribo desde México, afortunado eh? hehehe! Por otro lado, es una pena que no exista la carrera de filología en Argentina, habiendo tan buenos escritores universales argentinos (Borges, Cortazar, Bioy Casares, Sábato, etc. Uno de los pilares en mi formación es José Ingenieros). Tienes razón en el sentido de que es posible ser autodidacta y aún así alcanzar tus objetivos. Ese es de hecho, en sentido estricto, el significado de toda formación.

Gracias por compartir y si: Amutuy pu peñi pu ñaña!


Jake: I am mexican and I write from México, lucky boy eh? Hehehehe! On the other hand, it is a pity that you guys don´t have a major in philology in Argentina, especially having such a notorious writers (Borges, Cortazar, Bioy Casares, Sábato, etc. One of the bedrocks in my formation is José Ingenieros). You are right in the sense that it is possible to achieve your goals by self-studying. That is in fact, stricto sensus, the real meaning of any kind of formation.

Thank you for sharing and yes: Amutuy pu peñi pu ñaña!


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am just looking more into the dpeth versus the shallow parts of the ocean... Ok..So a tycoon like the Trumpster is speaking his part...And yet...

Riddle me This? How is it that when others have done the very same thing, they are being persecuted in ways? Examples- Dixie Chicks, Lt. Watada, Cyndi Sheehan...what makes Donalds words more important??? Money??? or perhaps is it he is working for something???

Yeah- something is rotton and it isnt the water.


At 8:17 AM, Anonymous ZHP said...

Callie: It is not that Trump´s words are more important than anybody else´s: in fact they are not. Trump is a notorious beneficiary of the system but that is precisely the point. The relevance is that one member of the elite is speaking up publicly when he is expected to remain quiet. Beyond his personal agenda, whatever this might be, what I see here is an expression of a total disaster for Dubya: there where even "inside" he finds strong opposition.

As for the rest I totally agree with you.


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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