Sunday, February 24, 2008


As everybody knows, Ralph Nader, 4-time presidential contender, announced a new bid for the White House as an independent candidate today. I regard Mr. Nader as among the most distinguish progressive political activists in the United States nowadays but, this time, I have to say I believe his decision is a mistake, basically for himself.

Mr. Nader does not seem to be reading the same book (or at least the same page) the majority of the people of the U. S. is reading aloud: that which narrates the end of the Bush Regime and his wacky policies. It is idle to say that for that end, it is necessary to add up forces (not to subtract them in any way) there where there´s better chances to succeed. Obviuosly, it does not imply to give a blank check of support, it implies to understand history.

Ralph Nader is a great guy, no doubt about it, his intentions are the best (to represent those who have no voice, to have a much broader debate, to push the Democratic candidates to take a more progressive stance) but his moment could not be worse, basically because having no chances to have a real impact on the race this time, he will only end up diminishing his own voice. I hope I am wrong.

Friday, February 22, 2008


After Wisconsin´s Democratic primary and the Democrats Abroad results, things seem to have come down to a point where the question is not whether Barack Obama will get the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 or not, but rather if Hillary would be a good VP running mate (hehehe… just kidding!) What I really want to say is that I share the enthusiasm of those who think that even when large states are still at stake (Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania) Obama really seems to be now virtually unstoppable.

I say enthusiasm because that is clearly what this unique character has brought about to people: great excitement, motivation and hope. I myself experienced that sensation too the first time that I saw him talk on a video I stumbled across while writing my very first post for this blog (I even wrote about it here). What I wonder now is whether this excitement is all justified beyond the consideration of his personal traits and manifested intentions. I have to say that I am not sure about it.

I am not going to deny I think Obama represents now the most consistent prospect of change of the way politics have been conducted under the Bush administration (and that I don´t consider this to be a little thing). However, it is not just a change of direction (difficult in itself) what is required to fix the mess but a complete change of the common American political mindset. That would make politicians authentically fight corporate interests, bring to light the so called “non-topics” (those essential topics which are absent from public debate or even public consciousness) or simply change that American Notion -held by some- of believing, like temper tantrum kids, they own the world.

Be Obama the fist step towards that change!