Saturday, October 21, 2006


Four weeks ago I had no idea who Barack Obama was. Then I came across one video with his take on the Bush´s detainee bill while writing my first post for this Blog. I got stunned, I have to admit it. In here, what basically caught my eye was his personality: intelligent, honest and eloquent. Check VIDEO PART ONE and PART TWO

As I started looking for some information, I learned that he had become public after his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, july 27th, 2004. WATCH VIDEO

It is obvious that this was a political act and logically Obama´s speech was political: ideological, in the most liberal American possible style, you know: multiculturalism, liberal rights, American values and American dreams.

However behind this discourse I see a more complex guy. I am not going to define his profile here: maybe it is just fair to keep this guy´s name in mind: more than one thinks he could be the next President of the U.S. in 2008.

* Barack Obama (D) is nowadays the only African American U.S. Senator


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Just came across your post, on the day of Obama's inauguration!


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