Friday, January 26, 2007


It has already been announced the celebration of The XXII World Congress of Philosophy to be held from July 30 to August 5, 2008 in Seoul, Korea.

The World Congresses of Philosophy are organized every five years by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) which counts among its members nearly 100 philosophical societies from all around the world.

This major event, considered “the Philosopher´s World Cup”, will have as its main theme “Rethinking Philosophy Today”. “With this theme we hope to have –said organizers, renewed reflections of the nature, scope, and function of philosophy in an increasingly multicultural, globalized, and techno-scientific age”.

Given its critical nature, Philosophy has a tremendous role to play as one of the cornerstones of the general formation of citizenship and real democracy. As it is known, historically Philosophy has taken part in the greatest political transformations of all times either as one of their biggest advocates or as one of their sharpest critics.

Hence, I find the realization of this event relevant. LEARN MORE…


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"World Cup Of Progress"



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