Monday, January 22, 2007


Ralph Nader, 4-time U. S. presidential candidate, wrote an open letter to President Bush last Friday. In his letter, Nader reflects on the real meaning behind one of Bush´s expressions in his last address to the nation on Iraq where he alludes to his own responsibility “where mistakes have been made”.

Nader asks President Bush:

“You say where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me. You then quickly change the subject. Whoa now, what does it mean when you say the responsibility for mistakes rest with you?” FULL TEXT


At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting article, and of course I agree... And so do many others, and yet the point still remains or shall I say is still at hand, there are those that are still determined to keep marching with whatever President Bush wants..... I for one, if I were loyal so to speak and in agreeance with everything the President says, I would still *question* the sacrifice.. I would want him to put his kids on the line if sacrifice were that important enough for me to believe in the so called sacrifice he speaks of...and yet I look at the bigger issue, which is Hope. You know I as an American, see somewhat despair, but I also see where we come together in the event of a major crisis, therefore Hope is not lost, it may be perhaps a tad damp- but not lost... I feel sorry for my President, and those that are in his cabinet... And it is kind of as a double edged sword, We have had Presidents that actually did the right thing, and people were not happy, we have those that do not do the right thing and people are not happy. I do not see it as a win win situation, in some aspects we still lose..... Nader has some interesting points, however the thought still in ones mine would be- "And what makes him so different"... Basically all we can do as a people, is rebuild....In my honest opinion, and I may get blasted for this one, but it was actually a matter of time before my Nation started to fall... She was being stripped of those morals, virtues, that had once meant so much- now being buried... The only way- I can see us ever becoming a nation again, is when we as a people start to revamp our beliefs, our morals, our character of the fundamentals of which AMERICA was built upon- or we will all come together the hard way due to another catastrophic event..... Hope still lives here....We just need to get it back.



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