Sunday, January 07, 2007


On June 5th 1995, 45 file boxes containing official documents from the Secretary of Finance of the Institutional Revolutionary Party were anonymously delivered to AMLO. It was said that those boxes were left in an empty house that had been inhabited by one of the main officials of that Secretary. Later on, it seems to be that somebody called AMLO up letting then him know the existence of those boxes.

As it is known now, the content analysis of those boxes revealed shortly after the inner mechanism of the political elite and the way the biggest plunder since Colonial Times was perpetrated, the so called FOBAPROA: 55 billion dollars of private debt were converted in public debt overnight.

This weekend I reread the book that AMLO wrote in 1999 on it. While leafing through its pages my Jaw hit the floor: the names that AMLO mentioned on his book back then as the political operators of this monumental fraud are the same ones that now hold the power after the coup d’etat in the last presidential elections.

I understand adapting to the rhythm of Modern Life necessarily implies to be updated with the newest information and all but I do believe that looking back on certain past issues once in a while could give us some hints to better comprehend present-day reality.



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