Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Some times I happen to wonder why Mexican politicians can be so stupid at times specially, when dealing with important affairs. The reality is they are not. They can be anything but stupid, at least not the way we think they are. The thing is they have got their own agenda. That is the case now in Oaxaca. President Fox can not remove the state Governor from office (which has always been the easiest way out) because basically he can not break the political agreement he´s got with PRI. He needs their support to back up “President” Calderon´s imposition. On the other hand, by removing governors from power just would show people the way the can recover the nation sovereignty, and that is a bad thing, for them I mean. They would rather make us laugh and cry by presenting themselves as politically and socially dumb than losing power and therefore great business opportunities at the people´s expense: does it ring a bell?


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea i feel you. How do we change somethinng that is no more than a show/a front of democracy meant for a great majority of people? how do we begin the neccessary change away from democracy as it is formally practiced to something else? more grass rooted perhaps?

At the same time i think about how much many "average" people have vested in this system. Who wants to give up heating in the winter? plastic containers? Who wants to be inconvenienced? Someone write that it is easy to ignore something when your paycheck depends on it...well it is easy to ignore something when our privleged lifestyles depend on it as well.
It is clear that the world cannot continue to sustain the levels of pollution and societal disruption created by this economic growth model. If communism in the former USSR imploded onitself as some argue so will Capitalism...but this implosion will cause far far greater damage.


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous ZHP said...

As for the “how much many average people have vested in this system”, I think that is the worst part of all: you realize that it is not so much “they” (people in power) but “we” that with our being passive, ignorant and tolerant, significantly contribute to maintain the current situation.

The thing is, as you say, problems are there and by ignoring them we don´t make them go away… we just make imminent their irruption.


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