Saturday, December 16, 2006


I could not write a thing all this week long. The thing was that a very close friend suffered a terrible episode of short term memory loss. For ten hours he could barely remember something about anything. We took him to the hospital and stuff. He was lucky enough to be checked by one of the best neurologist in the country. He got his brain checked and everything and the final diagnose was: stress!! Man! Can you believe that?

I have thought a bunch of things out of this unexpected experience. I may be writing about them later. What I can say by know is that it is good to have him back: big time!

The funny part of this story is that one of the questions we asked him during the event to have his memory checked was: “who is the new President of México?” When we told him it was Calderón, he started laughing endlessly stating that that was impossible.


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